Suzumiya Haruhi no yuuustsu was one of the best anime of the last years, the brightest demostration that also today there is a good animation.

I reading Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas in these days and i really appreciate it, finally a female saint without that useless mask! And finally the Gold Saint are the really protagonist of the story. I think that Manigold, Rasgado, El Cid, Albafika, Sisiphus are much better than the classical serie’s counterpart.

One of the best female characters, ever.

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The first pic must be my preferite image of my preferite vocaloid

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I love Etsuko Yakushimaru’s voice, so moe and ipnotic.


El Opening de Doraemon cantado en Street Fighter



From F/Z The Adventure Mobile Game.

That Magica Madoka’s costume reference tho.

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i really apppreciate the songs with so much vocaloid, this one is adorable, IA and Miku, Luka and Lily, Rin and Guumi are a beautiful couple!

Luka Lum!! Love it!